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Morocco Welding LLC was established in 1990 by John and Nat Morocco. Their mission was to build a truck body that was not only well-designed and well-built, but a product that is custom made to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

As time went on, the market demanded a more complete line of products and services. Today, Morocco Welding builds an extensive line of products from dump bodies to roll-offs. Check out our specialty bodies, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most uniquely designed truck components ever made.

Morocco Welding’s success is based on hard work, custom products, customer service, and a staff that is skilled, experienced, and has working knowledge to understand the customers’ thoughts and needs.

Service is a large part of our business. Morocco Welding understands the day does not end at five. The company offers evening and Saturday hours for customers to not only consult with the engineer, but to actually see their body being built.